Youth Summer Socials

Summer is here and so are events for our 6th–12th grade youth! All middle and high schoolers are welcome, plus any friends they want to invite! Contact Adam McNutt, Youth Ministry Coordinator, with any questions.

Middle School:

  • Wednesday, June 15: Hide N’ Seek Tournament and Pizza at OLL (6–7:30 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, July 27: Middle School Service Project Night at OLL (6–8 p.m.)
  • Thursday, August 11: Laser Tag Night at BAM! (6–7:30 p.m.)

High School:

  • Wednesday, June 22: Riley Trails Hike and Hammocking Social (7:30–9 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, July 20: Tunnel Park Rosary and Beach Party (7–9 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, August 17: Home-Based Joy Bus Visit (meet at OLL, 7–9 p.m.)

Edge Nights

Edge is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program created by Life Teen. It provides a safe, fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way.

Confirmation Preparation

Eighth-graders at OLL will experience Purpose, a transformative approach to preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation created by Life Teen.

Middle School Events

We Need You!

Are you called to help guide teens closer to Christ and his Church? Contact Adam McNutt, Youth Ministry Coordinator, for more information on how you can volunteer with OLL’s middle school ministry.

Middle School Discipleship Staff