In Holy Communion we are united to Christ and therefore to all the other members of his Body. However, we can’t have a close relationship with every single member of the Church, or even everyone in our parish. That’s where small groups come in. They provide a venue in which we can form spiritual friendships with other Catholics, encourage each other in the life of faith, and support each other in living out our vocations.

  • Who: A group of parishioners who already know each other can form a small group, or we can connect you with other parishioners who are searching for a group. Groups can draw together parishioners who share something in common (families, young adults, retired persons, men, women, etc.) or they can draw together parishioners from different walks of life.
  • What: Make time to simply talk and enjoy each other’s company at the beginning and/or end of your meetings. One option is to have a potluck meal or snacks. We suggest opening the more formal part of your meetings with a brief prayer followed by a time when each person can share how they are doing in their relationship with the Lord (prayer, penance, study, works of mercy, vocation, evangelization, etc.). The point is accountability and encouragement; don’t put anyone on the spot if they don’t want to speak. If conversation springs up, that’s great; if not, that’s fine too. Afterward, pray the Liturgy of the Hours or another prayer (the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Lectio Divina, extemporaneous prayer, hymns, etc.), lifting up each other’s intentions.
  • When: Small groups meet consistently. The time of day and frequency is up to the group, but weekly or every other week are good options. Everyone will have scheduling conflicts from time to time, but the hope is that everyone will make an effort to attend as often as possible. Groups may choose to schedule other activities outside of regular meetings if desired.
  • Where: Small groups are typically hosted in parishioner homes. A limited number of groups can meet in the parish building.
  • How: Fill out the contact form below to get started!

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