Guidelines for use of Parish Facilities and Equipment

Our Lady of the Lake Parish has as one of its goals to be a welcoming, warm and hospitable community of faith. That this spirit may continue to flourish, as our parish family continues to grow, each of us must assume the responsibility of caring for our facilities.

Many important events of parish life together are celebrated here. We are pleased to offer parishioners use of the hall, kitchen and meeting rooms for private events.

We present the following rental policies to facilitate the best use of our building and grounds. This will enable us to render the best service to Our Lady of the Lake parishioners for years to come.

Individuals interested in renting areas need to begin the process by reviewing all the policies and procedures for use of the facility. (This document, rental agreement and the kitchen use document are available on the website.) Contact the Parish Office to check for date availability. If the date is available you should contact the facility coordinator and make an appointment to review the rental agreement and make the required deposit with the facility coordinator. A copy of the Rental Agreement will be provided to the renter. Rental payments must be received by the facility coordinator no later than four weeks prior to the scheduled event. If any additional OLL staff need to be involved in use of the facility, arrangements must be made with them and any additional costs are the responsibility of the renter.

Organizations and Individuals Who May Use Parish Facilities

Parish Organizations

This includes all groups or organizations which have been established and approved by the Pastor and the Pastoral Council. These groups or organizations are not charged for facility usage.

OLL Parishioners

Registered, contributing parishioners may request use of the facilities for private events (receptions for parish weddings, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, showers, family reunions, etc.).

Other Events

Requests for events not described in the above categories are evaluated by the Pastor or his delegate. Decisions are consistent with the Mission of the parish as determined by the Pastor or his delegate.

Excluded Use

Immediately following liturgical events (Confirmation, First Communion, Graduation Mass, Marriage Anniversary Mass, etc.), the facilities are used for our parish family celebrations. These dates are not available for individual requests.

Facilities are not available for private events during Holy Week.

Rental facilities may not be used for solicitation of goods or services.

Description of Available Facilities

Fr. Nash Hall

This room seats 486 people. An internal sound system for a microphone is available. There are moveable walls in the hall that are not to be moved by renters. Only parish staff are authorized to make changes in the configuration of the walls.


A fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher, walk-in cooler, freezer, microwave, 6 burner gas stove with griddle and 2 ovens-conventional and convection. The kitchen is stocked with service for 300 in dishes, glasses, silver-ware for use at events. The kitchen is designed for efficient food service, but space is limited for major food preparation. When dishes and dishwasher are used, a minimum of 4 people are required to bus tables and operate the dishwasher. No large serving or cooking pieces are available (platters, punch bowls, cookware, etc.). A telephone is available in the kitchen for local calls only. Please refer to Kitchen Policies found in the kitchen for detailed information about use.

Meeting Rooms

Rooms A & B are available for rental. Each room can accommodate 35 people (or 70 if combined). Food can be served in the rooms. Kitchen facilities can be rented to support the event however a full sit down meal is not recommended due to the logistics of support from the remote kitchen area.

Other General Rules for Rental

  • Guests are limited to rented areas and restrooms only.
  • Our Lady of the Lake is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.
  • The parishioner who signs the rental agreement must be present at set up, event and clean up.
  • The parishioner who signs the rental agreement is responsible for all area and grounds cleanup.
  • Music and loitering outside the building is not permitted.
  • All equipment (i.e. instruments, speaker system, catering supplies and food) must be unloaded at the North double doors of Fr. Nash Hall. Entering through the Gathering Space is not permitted.
  • All music must stop by 12 midnight. The Building must be cleaned and vacated by 1:30am.
  • Red-colored beverages may not be served. This includes red or orange soda, punch and Kool-Aid.
  • Ensure that exit doors are not blocked by tables, chairs or other things.
  • Incidental supplies such as napkins, coffee, sweetener, etc. must be provided by the renter (parish supplies are for parish use only).
  • Our Lady of the Lake Church is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal articles.
Alcohol Beverage Service

There is a built-in bar area in the kitchen that includes 2 tappers and a triple sink. Alcoholic beverage service on our parish property is a matter that must be handled most responsibly:

No alcoholic beverages may be served to minors. Violations may result in immediate termination of the building use. Alcoholic beverages are permitted only if the bar is serviced by a bartender, who is not a family member. Bartenders are hired by the rental party and must be at least 21 and not themselves drinking on the occasion. The renter is responsible for the conduct of guests. We reserve the right to address disorderly conduct. If the situation is not resolved, those involved will be asked to leave the premises. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted outside of the Fr. Nash Hall or classrooms.

  • A cash bar (when liquor is sold to guests) requires a State of Mich. Temporary Liquor License.
  • At this time we do not allow cash bar events.
Food Service

Kitchen capacity for food service is 250. We strongly recommend that food service for large groups be done by professional caterers. Food and beverages are allowed only in the rented area, and are not permitted outside or in other parts of the building.

Set-Up and Clean-Up

Tables and chairs are set-up and taken down by the rental party. Rental party is responsible for returning the room to the condition in which it was found. This includes: bagging trash and placing in dumpster, wiping tables and chairs and clean up of any spills or material on the floor.

Rental party is also responsible for kitchen clean up in keeping with the guidelines found in the kitchen.

Rental party is responsible for bathroom clean up as well as all premises used inside & out.


Room decorations are limited to table tops and freestanding items. Decorations that require nails, tacks, tape on walls or ceiling are not permitted. All decorations, including table covers, must be removed before closing. If tape or masking tape is used to secure table coverings in place, the renter is responsible for removal.

Available Days and Hours

Friday and Saturday evenings: 6:30 pm until midnight. On Saturday evening music may not begin until after 6:30pm (Facilities must be vacated by 1:30am). Access to the Fr. Nash Hall to decorate and set up can begin after 2:00 pm on the day of your event. Multi purpose rooms A & B are available Monday – Saturday during the hours of 9:00am. until 10:00 pm as available.

Rental Fees and Deposits for Private Events

All Rental fees are non-refundable and are due four weeks prior to the rental date.

All Facilities – A fee of $400 at time of request with completed forms. This fee includes a $300 security deposit which is returned within 30 days after the rental if no damages or additional services have occurred. The additional $100 is for a Michigan Catholic Conference event insurance premium. This is a Diocesan requirement and is not negotiable.

Father Nash Hall: $700
This includes the tables, chairs, stages and systems associated with the hall. This space can accommodate up to 486 people.

Kitchen: $100
Includes full use of kitchen: dishes, glasses, silverware, stove, cooler and dishwasher.

Partial Use of Kitchen and Bar: $50
Includes use of stove, cooler and sinks. Bar area and tappers are included.

Rooms A & B Small Meeting Rooms: $75 each (Does not include kitchen)
Individual classrooms can accommodate 35 persons per room.
(The security deposit and insurance premium can be waived if these rooms are used for sacramental receptions of not more than an hour’s duration.)