Corpus Christi Community,

The Corpus Christi Board of Education and I are proud to introduce a new program at Corpus Christi Catholic School—a program that welcomes all to experience the Catholic school difference that you all know and love. Take a look below!

Discover the Difference of Catholic Education

Welcome to the Discover the Difference Program! This program includes an opportunity for all families to benefit. This program at its core is designed to remove barriers for trying out Catholic education and to allow families that have not tried Catholic education to DISCOVER why Catholic education is so wonderful. We also want to reward existing families. There is something for existing families too in our Discover the Difference Program.  

We have three portions to the Discover the Difference Program. The first is “Free Tuition & Reward.” The second is “Ambassador Referral.” And the third is “CC Coach.”

Free Tuition & Reward

As you likely know, new families transferring to CCCS get an offer of free tuition for trying out CCCS. Great incentive for them, correct? For current preschool families at CCCS, you also receive FREE tuition for the first half of kindergarten next year as a reward for being loyal to CCCS and continuing on a path of Catholic education for your child. If you have had your children at CCCS for all preschool years and continue with kindergarten, then you qualify for this first half year free. Call it your “Loyalty Reward!” You are valued and we want you to know it! 

Ambassador Referral

Since many of you know the great value of CCCS for your own children, we want to ask you to help tell as many people as you can. And to show our appreciation for that, we want to give you a $1,000 credit on your tuition cost for every family that you help enroll at CCCS. Be a goodwill ambassador for CCCS and get paid for it!

When you discover a family that might be interested (or should be) in CCCS, simply tell them about CCCS and how wonderful the school is. Email the CCCS office and tell the office that you have spoken with the “Smith” family and have explained how wonderful CCCS is to them. The office will record this and will reach out to the “Smith” family to offer meeting them, a tour, etc. We will then ask you to help follow up and convince them CCCS is the best choice for their family.  

If the “Smith” family attends CCCS the entire school year and enrolls and attends for following school year, you will receive a $1,000 tuition voucher to use towards your family’s future tuition costs. Existing families must be linked to new families. 

CC Coach

Because not everyone wants to be an Ambassador and help sell the virtues of CCCS, we invite you to become a “CC Coach.” Being a Coach means that you help a new family get acclimated, feel welcomed, and shepherd them through their first year at CCCS. Be a mentor, be a friend, be a welcoming committee, be a coach to them as they navigate their first year at CCCS. In return, assuming the family stays at CCCS, you get a reward too! $500 of credit on your tuition cost will be given to you. It’s our way of saying thanks for helping the new family and helping grow our CCCS community. 

In order that we have the most participation as possible by CCCS families, we ask that if you were an Ambassador to bringing the “Smith” family to CCCS, you cannot also be the CC Coach to the “Smiths.” Help get another family set up as Coach with the “Smiths” so that we have a broader group helping the “Smiths.”  

Contact Info/Questions

Please feel free to contact Paul or Jennifer with questions or to discuss how to join in our efforts to help all Discover the Difference of Catholic education!  

Paul Borum | Enrollment Coordinator
e. | p. (231) 670-2247

Jennifer Liniewski | Principal
e. | p. (616) 796-2300