Catholic Schools Week 2024

Celebrating 100 Years of Catholic Education in Holland!

From the Desk of Mrs. Liniewski, Principal of Corpus Christi Catholic School

We are celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of Catholic schools in Holland this year. In the 1923–1924 school year, the Sisters of Mercy opened the first Catholic school in Holland at Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church. It opened with just four classrooms and all of the teachers were members of the Sisters of Mercy! The school grew, and a short time later, a new church was built in order to allow the school to grow in 1938.

Just a short time later, in 1950, the church built a new school to better serve the needs of the students and the parish, and again was rebuilt in the 1960s along with a new church space! So many new buildings, but the spirit of knowledge, faith, and character remained. For much of the rest of the century, the school served the students of Saint Francis de Sales and Our Lady of the Lake.

A devastating fire demolished the church in 1995, and while the school building was spared, the church began dreaming of the next steps for Catholic education in Holland. The Mission and Ministry 2000 efforts realized the dream of a new school in Holland, uniting the two parishes. Today that dream stands, 25 years later, as Corpus Christi Catholic School.

We are honored to carry the legacy of Catholic education in Holland, and we look forward to a bright future, continuing to serve our community and form disciples of Christ. As we prepare students for both life on earth and life eternal, we seek to enrich their knowledge, nurture their faith, and build their character. Our alumni are true examples of faith-filled leaders, and our students follow in their footsteps! May God continue to bless Corpus Christi Catholic School!