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initiation symbol Thinking about becoming Catholic? - Is there something missing in your life that you cannot quite put your hands on? Have you thought about becoming Catholic? Do you have questions about the process? Are you finally ready to receive the … Continue reading Thinking about becoming Catholic?
refugee Refugee Sponsorship Ministry - Please visit our Refugee Ministry website to learn how YOU can help. In partnership with Bethany Christian Services, Our Lady of the Lake is preparing to sponsor a refugee family. Coordinators are currently organizing volunteer teams and accepting household … Continue reading Refugee Sponsorship Ministry
109 Take action for Haiti: Stop U.S. peanut dumping - A few weeks ago, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a plan to send 500 metric tons of U.S. peanuts to Haiti to “help with Haiti’s hunger crisis.” The problem with this plan is … Continue reading Take action for Haiti: Stop U.S. peanut dumping
Carla Niziolek, Master Catechist Congratulations to Carla Niziolek, Master Catechist! - Carla Niziolek, Our Lady of the Lake Confirmation and RCIA catechist, wife to Jeff and busy mother of five, was recently awarded her Master Catechist Certification. The Master Catechist Certification is the third level of … Continue reading Congratulations to Carla Niziolek, Master Catechist!
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October 1st, 2016
Celebrating our Catholic community.

Catholic Service Appeal 2016
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