Staff and Councils

Fr. Michael Cilibraise Pastor 106
Miki Brierty Hospitality Coordinator 108
Chris Grote Director of Parish Care 109
Debbie Kraus Liturgical Coordinator 112
Cory Lakatos Director of Community Life 110
Melissa Linderman Director of Administration 104
Carol McAndrew Director of Music and Liturgy 119
Adam McNutt Youth Ministry Coordinator 123
Carla Niziolek Director of Discipleship 114
Greg Smith Director of Ministry Strategy 113
Megan Swank Children’s Ministry Coordinator 103
Pat Whitaker Parish Nurse 203

Pastoral Council

Finance Council

Paul Borum Theresa Asselin
Brian Burch Mike Burke
Jerry DeShaw Chris DeSanctis
Mike Hickey (Chair) Chad Kasprzak (Chair)
Elizabeth Morales Becky Loeprich 
Michael Page Dan Melnyk 
Geraldine Rodden  
Rachelle Rokos (Vice Chair)  
Mary Stitt