Spiritual Care in the Hospital

March 27, 2020

During this unsettling time, you may have many questions regarding the spiritual care of fellow parishioners who are in hospitals, nursing homes or other institutions.

Even though we may not be allowed to offer pastoral visits to the sick because of a hospital’s safety policy, we priests still desire to visit the dying, and in most cases, we are able to do so. Please read the letter from Bishop Walkowiak which speaks about this and mentions the policies of the Grand Rapids area hospitals.

Hospitals in the Holland area include Zeeland Hospital (Spectrum Health) and Holland Hospital. These hospitals are currently allowing priests to celebrate the sacrament of the anointing of the sick and bring Viaticum to the dying on a case by case basis. However, this policy may be subject to change.

If we are not able to go into the hospital room and see the patient, we priests, Tom Eggleston, David Sacha, or another minister are available to speak to them via the phone and pray with them. Nursing homes and care facilities each have their respective policies in terms of visits. We want to encourage you to please call one of us so that we can provide spiritual care, especially if someone is dying.

You may contact Fr. Charlie or Fr. Kyle at the St Francis de Sales rectory: 616-392-3985 or you may call the St. Francis de Sales parish office at 616-392-6700, to leave a voicemail in our personal voicemail box which we can access remotely.

Our Lady of the Lake parishioners may call the parish office for Fr. Mike during business hours: 616-399-1062 or the rectory after hours: 616-377-7390.

You remain in our prayers,

Fr. Mike Cilibraise

Fr. Charlie Brown

Fr. Kyle Kilpatrick