Between Pentecost and Christ the King

Spreading God’s Kingdom in the Power of the Spirit

“Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.” – Psalm 104

This season is called Ordinary Time because the Sundays are numbered (“ordinal”), not because it’s boring! During Ordinary Time, the liturgy walks us through the life and teachings of Jesus. We are called to grow in holiness and hope in our everyday lives, symbolized by the liturgical color green.

The current period of Ordinary Time is bookended by Pentecost and Christ the King, reminding us that the Holy Spirit has sent us to spread the Gospel so that all of creation will be encompassed by the Kingdom of God. We do this through prayer, sacraments, works of mercy, and especially through evangelism.

Click here for suggestions of how you can live in the power of the Holy Spirit during Ordinary Time.