LANE Winter Intensives

LANE Winter Intensives

  • When: January 7-23 (three weeks) on either Mondays or Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m.
  • Where: Fr. Nash Hall at Our Lady of the Lake Parish
  • Tuition: $15 plus optional materials
  • Register as a student at, then sign up for winter intensives at

PIL 101: Introduction to Pilgrimage

What’s the difference between a pilgrim and a tourist? How can a pilgrim worldview and spirituality bring meaning to our everyday lives? This three-week intensive will explore pilgrimage from a variety of perspectives and help you prepare for your next pilgrimage, including upcoming LANE pilgrimages. (Meets on Mondays; taught by Richard Ray)

BIB 101: Introduction to the Bible

How did 73 different books end up in the Bible? Why are Catholic and Protestant Bibles different? What is the biblical story all about, and how can we interpret it? This three-week intensive is perfect for those who are new to the Bible or more experienced readers who wants to strengthen their foundation. It is also an excellent preparation for other LANE Bible classes. (Meets on Mondays; taught by Greg Smith)

DOC 202: Who Is the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Why do Catholics make such a big deal about Mary? Who is she? What does the Church teach about her? Why do we pray to her, and what are Marian apparitions all about? This three-week intensive will unpack Mary’s role in the Bible, the Church, and our lives today. It will help you grow closer to Jesus through Mary’s intercession. (Meets on Wednesdays; taught by Jack Mulder)

PRAY 102: Treasures of the Mass

Do you know why we do what we do and say what we say at Mass? Can you tell a chasuble from a ciborium? Do you know why it’s so important to go to Mass every Sunday? This interactive three-week intensive will unearth the hidden treasures of the Mass and help you participate more fully in the liturgy. (Meets on Wednesdays; taught by Fr. Michael Cilibraise, Fr. Kyle Kilpatrick, and Fr. Nicolas Monco)