LANE in 2021

What Is Man?

Class Begins January 11

Instructor Greg Smith will walk through Catholic teaching on the most controversial topics of our day. What is a human being? What are human rights or responsibilities? What are the rights of individuals, families, and the government, particularly in subjects like sexuality and marriage? Go to to watch a trailer, learn more, and sign up. This class is available with a LANE All-Access Pass or individual course tuition.

One Whirling Adventure in 2021

New Episodes Beginning January 5

What is “One Whirling Adventure,” and why does it matter? Go to to watch the mid-season trailer to discover our Catholic heritage, and to get an update on past Season 1 episodes and episodes to come in 2021. In winter and spring there will be episodes on St. Anthony of the Desert, relics, Catholic Ireland, the Jerusalem of Jesus, cathedrals, and much more! One Whirling Adventure is available with a LANE Digital Passport or AllAccess Pass. Watch free sample episodes and subscribe to LANE at

We’ve Got a Lot of LANE Ahead!

LANE came a long way in 2020, beginning as an in-person only ministry to adults and adding many online options for both adults and children. 2021 will see more opportunities for lifelong Catholic learning. Go to to watch the trailer and get a sneak peak of what’s ahead!