Director of Sacred Music Position

POSITION TITLE: Director of Sacred Music

REPORTS TO: Pastor (for content) and Director of Ministry (for organizational matters)

FLSA Status: Exempt

CLASSIFICATION: Full-Time, Salaried

LOCATION: Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Holland, MI


The Director of Sacred Music (DOSM) is a leader who is responsible for supporting the parish’s liturgical celebrations with rich Catholic music that honors Christ and nurtures the faith of participants. The DOSM leads and manages the Music Department. Under the DOSM’s leadership, the Music Department implements the mission, values, and goals of the parish’s ministry vision and strategic plan, in accordance with the liturgical standards of the USCCB and the Diocese of Grand Rapids. In particular, the DOSM is responsible for selecting and planning liturgical music; organizing, training, and recruiting cantors; and developing the adult, youth, and children choirs, handbells, and musicians.  The DOSM provides music for all weekend liturgies, sacramental celebrations, Holy Days, funerals, and weddings, and collaborates with Corpus Christi Catholic School for school Masses. The DOSM supervises any support staff or volunteers who support the music ministry and administrates record-keeping functions related to music, in accordance with the current organization chart and staff configuration.


Administrative Leadership

  • Plans and manages a comprehensive musical program for the parish
  • Coordinates with and suggests to the Pastor Mass settings, hymns, and choral pieces
  • Distributes musical content to participants (cantors, instrumentalists, choir members, etc.)
  • Recruits, schedules, rehearses, and supervises cantors and musicians for all liturgies
  • Supervises and maintains the parish’s musical resources, spaces, instruments, etc.
  • Manages the departmental budget
  • Coordinates music for weddings, funerals, and other special occasions
  • Provides encouragement, evaluation, and appreciation of musicians and cantors
  • Communicates and collaborates effectively within the Music Department, with other parish departments, and within the parish generally
  • Attends department head meetings and general staff meetings
  • Collaborates with Corpus Christi Catholic School to provide music for school Masses
  • Other responsibilities as needed

Musical Leadership

  • Leads and participates in liturgical music as an organist, pianist, accompanist, etc.
  • Directs choir, assembly, and musicians at liturgies (weekend liturgies, school liturgies, and major events)
  • Recruits, prepares, and leads the various choirs, cantors, and instrumentalists
  • Schedules and leads rehearsals
  • Prepares and distributes musical teaching aids, scores, etc.
  • Maintains the choral organization (letters to musicians, schedules, music ministry social events, care of equipment)
  • Maintains the level of knowledge and skills required to remain current and successful in the field of sacred music. Reads material related to the profession, attends workshops or conventions, and participates in local, regional, and diocesan professional organizations, as approved and as appropriate
  • Notifies parish musicians of workshops, conferences, etc., which relate to their ministry


  • Active member of the Roman Catholic Church in good standing, with a deep personal prayer life
  • Knowledge of and experienced in Roman Catholic liturgy and sacred music
  • Understanding of basic music theory in general, and sacred music in particular
  • Music degree preferred or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency with keyboard and piano (and organ preferred); possesses some vocal experience including the ability to sing with accurate pitch and rhythm
  • Enthusiasm and ability to work effectively with others (parish staff, ministry members, and parishioners)
  • Highly organized, self-managing, project-oriented, detail-oriented, team player
  • Valid Michigan driver’s license


Please mail/email cover letter and resume to Greg Smith, Director of Ministry

Our Lady of the Lake
480 152nd Avenue
Holland, MI 49424