Adult Initiation

Sacramental Preparation for Adults

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) “is designed for adults who, after hearing the mystery of Christ proclaimed, consciously and freely seek the living God and enter the way of faith and conversion as the Holy Spirit opens their hearts. By God’s help they will be strengthened spiritually during their preparation and at the proper time will receive the sacraments fruitfully.”

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Ministry of Welcoming

These are all terms used to describe the ministry through which we bring people into the Catholic Church.

Their journey begins in October while they are in the “Inquiry” period of the process.  At the Feast of Christ the King, those who choose to go on become Catechumens (if they have not ever been baptized) or Candidates (if they have already been baptized).

Each Sunday for twelve weeks, they are dismissed after the Homily. They move into the Library for additional study of the Readings of that day.  Each Tuesday, they meet to discuss and learn about Catholicism from Saints to Sacraments and all things in between.  Where many of us have grown into our faith over a lifetime, these faith-filled people are journeying through a very condensed version of what we have been learning all of our lives.

On the Easter Vigil, these candidates and catechumens will make their full entry into the church and become Catholic.  They will continue on from there – with the help of all of us already in full membership in the Church – and live their lives as full members of our Faith Community.

These are very faith-filled people, many of whom already worship within our community, who are committed to learning as much as they can in order to be able to receive the Sacraments.

Those who are leading these people in faith are very dedicated catechists, many of whom have gone through this program themselves and have a unique understanding of one who has been searching.

This is a very unique ministry within our church and we welcome those who would like to participate in this ministry.

In the meantime, please pray for the current candidates and catechumens as they make their journey to the Eucharistic Table on the Easter Vigil.