Pastor Welcome

Dear Friends in Christ:

All are welcome here at the Catholic Community of Our Lady of the Lake! 

We are a Eucharistic Family Living the Mission of Christ.

By virtue of our baptism the Lord has given us a high calling to make disciples for His Kingdom.  It is a tremendously challenging mission and a humbling one, but we remember his words, that he came to seek and save the lost. As the baptized we have become co-workers in the Lord’s earthly mission.  His mission is our mission!

We journey with the Lord by centering our lives on five key dimensions of Christian Discipleship: Worshiping, Growing, Serving, Connecting and Giving. 

In Worship we faithfully gather to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday, the source and summit of our faith.

 In Growing we learn what it means to be an authentic disciple of Christ. 

In Serving we imitate the essence of the Christian life by serving God and one another.

 In Connecting we gather together with our Christian brothers and sisters as a community to support one another, and to keep ourselves accountable to one another, in our pursuit of authentic Christian discipleship.

In Giving we offer generously of our financial resources in proportion to what we have received in order to build up the Kingdom of God in our parish community and in the world.  

Once again, I offer a warm welcome to all who worship here, and I invite all seekers, inquirers, the non-baptized, and those who wish to return to the Catholic faith, to come and see the goodness of the Lord!  

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Mike Cilibraise,                                                                                                                                

                        Blessed is he, who comes in the name of the Lord. (Matt 21:9)