1st World Day of the Poor

As long as Lazarus lies at the door of our homes (cf. Luke 16:19–21), there can be no justice or social peace.  – Pope Francis
Here are two video clips, two special prayers for the first World Day of the Poor, which Pope Francis declared at the close of the Year of Mercy. Click here to read Pope Francis’ message on this special day, taking place on the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time.
God of Abraham,
On my television,
On my newsfeed,
On my street,
Everywhere I go, I see Lazarus.
But I also see so many doors,
Doors that I’ve built,
That I’ve closed.
Doors that society has hung and locked.
Doors that separate me from Lazarus.
Lord, teach me to open the door to Lazarus,
To the poor.
To know them as your children,
To lift them in their distress,
To work to help them find a fair share of your bounty.
This World Day of the Poor,
Help us all turn to those outside our door—
To bless, heal, comfort;
And together, from this day forward, build a world
Where the poor are strangers to none,
And, indeed, the very chains of poverty are broken.
Dear God, Our Father, 
As we remember the World Day of the Poor, 
We pray for our family and for all families who experience poverty around the world. 
When we eat, we thank you for our meal, 
And we remember families who do not have enough food. 
We do not waste what we have, and we share our food with others.  
When we play, we thank you for the gift of free time and safety, 
And we pray especially for all the children around the world who are not able to play freely.
When we pray, we thank you for our family,
And we pray for all families around the world who live in poverty.
May you be with them, and help our family to always remember to reach out to them.